Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Most Important Post Ever

My friends, as you know by now I'm Karl Kleiber. Now my extensive education, training, and firsthand experience has given me a unique perspective that few on earth or well, any other planet can match. I'd like to take a few moments now to pass along that perspective to you.I'll begin with some observations on a subject that is both near and dear to my heart, leadership. Many talk of leadership, but what does it mean?
Merriam-Webster Online© defines it as:
Pronunciation: 'lE-d&r-"ship
Function: noun
1 : the office or position of a leader
2: capacity to lead
3 : the act or an instance of leading

Aside from that, leadership is more than just a fancy definition, leadership means dedication and hard work in organizing and planning the mission, a
nd in knowing your personnel. You

have to know their capabilities and wea
knesses, and assign their tasks accordingly, operating your group as a single entity with each member as an organ. Many people say leadership requires vision, such visions should be clear and simple, describe a situation preferred to the present, and look good enough to motivate the troops.
Emphasis is placed upon appealing to an emotional level.

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