Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kalico... Kalico... KALICO!!!!!

Hey stupid people, yes it is your Queen of Vagina, Cinnamon here with a review of a lil shop called Kalico Kreations. Now this is a cool grungy store that has all the clothes and accesories your Pearl Jam fan inside of you needs. Mmmm, all those half naked plaid wearing Lilth Fair chicks know what I am talking about. Now you have a place to go!

here is all kinds of stuff here from bags to collars so its a great accessory store to get that little extra flare for your outfit. And we all know you people need as much help as you can, especially to distract everyone from that big zit on your forehead. Sure you say your Hindu now, but we all know the truth. Just pop it already!

KK has a ton of different things that will really make people notice and say "wtf is she wearing and where can I get it?". But we all know what people are saying when they see moi... THEY ALL WANT MY MILKSHAKE! Mmmhmm, here is me with a simple black hoodie with an additional flexi skirt addition, great for sneaking out of the Mayor's daughter's place in the middle of the night. Helmet is good to break your fall just incase you land on you coconut. I love that word... coconut!

I didn't forget to change my clocks the past weekend with my new fancy oldy watch. Sure sucks since I lost a hour of my beauty sleep, god knows Swirly should hibernate to catch up to me. Small but cute, pretty much goes with everything and a little must have.

Now im out to the ball game with my new top that barely covers my massive tits and a super cute BASEBALL BAT WITH A NAIL. Yes, I am ready for the upcoming end of the world where I will have to protect all my ladies from zombies. Only thing better than using a baseball bat to bash the brains of the undead is hitting a homerun on the Red Sox. Booooooo! RED SUX!!!

Next we got this cute set of Emo Shoes... yes they are sooo soo sad. I am
sure they are just craving attention with the black and white stripped look but not sure if it is a cutter. Another helmet to show off my battle worn skills from killing zombies. Had to change my shirt because you have no idea how hard it is to get flesh off your shirt! Thats why I use Tide, yes Tide. For all your laundry needs and great to get those stains out. MMmmm the fresh smell of Tide! Yummy... where is my fuckin' check?

And finally, I may be a huge lipstick lesbian but I love Wii... no not COCK! I mean the Nintendo Wii and now you can get a Wii to strap around your neck. Sounds more kinky than ya think. Hmmm... maybe not a bad idea. I'll have to patent that! Neck strap-ons! Woot! Come by Kalico Kreations for more great stuff like this.

Kalico Kreations