Friday, March 2, 2007

This Trashy Life

Swirly seems to have already given me a fairly decent introduction so I don't really see a need for me to give the obligatory self-intro. I am Dakota Buck and you should already know the rest.

In Second Life, where anyone can have all the most fabulous clothes, it would be easy to assume that those with the best clothes will be the best dressed. At a glance it's fairly easy to see that this is not so. Nothing's stopping you from buying every item ever blogged (congrats' if you can, but try to do it without ending up in jail – the food isn't too crash hot) but this exercise is close to pointless if you can't rock your look.

There's a trashy craze emerging from our little virtual fashion world, now this is not the Club Arsheba escort service kind of trashy, this is fierce and colourful and inspired by Items are being released by content creators like Arbel Vogel (Winter Moon) and Pandora Jensen (PanJen) as the charge is lead by the perma-fierce Ms. Satine Dot (Old Gravy). These girls have got it, but unfortunately simply wearing their stuff doesn't mean that you do. Exploring your trashy side can be a dangerous business for the junior fashionista when you take into consideration how easy it is to look like a dirty dirty cumdumpster in sl – not a challenge to be taken lightly. I've put together some hints for trying out this trend before you start ripping your tutus, tanks and tights.

Just say no to hooker heels. You know the one's I'm talking about, Trashiness calls for some impressive stilettos but once you cross that line into stripper shoe territory you'll be filling in a GOL (Goddess of Love) application form in no time.

Ban the bling and other faux-glamorous jewelry. If your body is blingin' you have no right to be within a four sim radius of me or anyone else for that matter. There really needs to be a separate blingtard section as with the smoking and non-smoking sections in real life. Relating this back, the other prevalent jewelry sin is that hideous white/silver texture, accessories crafted from this will not work with your trashy life look (or any other time while I'm on the topic). If you want to work this look try brightly coloured plastic - like hat you used to wear as a little girl. Get multiple bangles, the type that clack together when you move, and link them together. Layer your necklaces. Mismatch your earrings.

Mix and match until you find the trashy look that works for you. Be theatrical and glam.
Scum Set from
Winter Moon.
Vogue Skin (Last Call-Babydoll) from Last Call.
Custom Tattoo from Bellish Ink
Trash (Brown Streaks) from
Old Gravy.
Trashville 5 Star Boots from Jeepers Creepers.
Sticky Fairy from
Winter Moon.
Trasher Skin from PanJen.
City Blossom Set from Earthtones Boutique.
Shit Kicker Boots from SiniStyle.
Guns Tattoo from Lush.
Christina (White Frosted) from ETD

Wrist Wrap Ribbon Watch from Tickled Pink.
Dare Pumps (Teal) from
Shiny Things
Snakeskin Wrap Belt (pink/blue) from Shiny Things.
Dark Sticky Fairy Tank from
Winter Moon.
Lamina Bikini Top from Winter Moon.
Leopard Pants from artilleri.
Honey (Brown October) from artilleri.
Ganguro Skin from PanJen.
Buncha Heart Bangles (Pastels) from boing fromage.
Retro Heart Earrings from Kitty's Rampage.
Winged Heart from Yummy.
Body Graffiti (Suicide Girls) from Canimal.

1. Buncha Heart Bangles (Pastels) from boing fromage.
The buncha heart bangles by elka Lehane are one of my favourite accessories whether I'm trashily dressed or not. They come in several colour combinations and can be teamed with most outfits.
2. Wellies (Blue) from
Jeepers Creepers.
Dare Pumps (Teal) from Shiny Things.
Proof that you can be glam and sexy without the use of hooker heels.

4. Elizabeth Button-up Boot from Lassitude & Ennui.
5. Cassette Earrings from Happy Junk.
I'm a BIG fan of Happy Junk. There's not too much in the store at the mom
ent but what is there is fantastic. Natalie Defiant does some rad tiny prim-work.
6. RaGe Gloves from
Trashy is fierce. The RaGe Gloves by Krius Misfit are a great way to get that hard edge without changing out of your fairy wings.

So remember:Photo by Menno Ophelia.