Sunday, March 11, 2007

FABULOUS Spring Collection from Paper Couture

Darlings, it's finally here, the much anticipated Spring Collection from Paper Couture! Ayami and Swirly had a drop down drag out cat fight to determine who would blog these items here on Fashion Victim. Swirly won of course, by telling Ayami that she could write the feature, then waiting for Ayami to go to bed before writing it herself. But really darlings, it's only fair - the Lu Sisters would be SO disappointed if Swirly did not model their clothes! Of course frocks as fabulous as these should be worn in glamorous locations, as Swirly demonstrates below.

Shown above is the delightful Orange Blossom Gown which perfectly complements this large goose.

Swirly is wearing the stunning Anemone Gown which is best worn whilst standing on the back of an extremely large turtle.

Swirly is modelling the very pretty Folora Gown whilst determining if her feathered friend has payment info on file.

Swirly looks fabulous wearing the Silk Iris Dress astride a large hippopotamus.

Swirly leaves this glamorous looking peacock for dead in her Silky Grey Day pants suit, Diamond Bee Necklace and Ring, Paper Couture Logo Frames sunglasses and Diamond Heel Sandals.

Well that's it from Swirly. I can tell you that Ayami and Stephanie both plan to bring you more from the divine Lu Sisters very soon!