Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Playing with Sharp Objects

WOOT! So as most of you peeps know, after being locked up without even being able to grow FINGERNAILS... it's about time I get back to being part of society and playing with some awesometasticly fun sharp objects! Muahahhaha!!! I have found you some HAWT items that all you looney's out there are gonna drool over!

First up is one of my absolute favorite blood covered places to shop, Sinistyle! Not only are their items amazingly hawt, but seriously some of the coolest sh... I mean stuff I've seen! I fell in love with them a while back when I got the Killing Spree Trencher that I have on.. blood covered and oh so terrific! My razor blade necklace is also from there.

Next is a new store by Nathan Eliot, with only a few items but all of them deffinately must haves! His store, Prim Whorz Unlimited, ranges from Emo to Goth and I was SOOOO excited to see a hawt looking collar with, you guessed it, some SUPER sharp scissors!! Reminds me of the nail file my boyfriend Yo, a.k.a Shawn, tried to sneak to me while I was locked up in the crazy house.. but a nail file doesn't really do a whole lot when you are in a padded room! But still, perfect addition to any murderous rampage ensemble you have going on.. or I'm sure it can double as a tool for your scrap booking!

Finally, the ever so popular Legend by Fatal Raine where I picked up two items that I just adore!! The Razor Blade chocker and the Bleed Brace make me so tough, I think I could even take on Chuck Norris! Okay okay.. that was wrong of me to say, no one can really "take on" Chuck Norris, but don't I totally look the part?! My bad ass look is completed with this hardcore beater from !BF!

Happy shopping SLFV readers, remember.. no running with scissors!