Monday, May 21, 2007

FABULOUS New Hats from kyoot

Saeya Nyanda from Kyoot is a lovely girl who unfortunately suffers from some serious literacy problems. Cute is not spelt "kyoot" darling, where did you go to school? Despite her obvious educational deficits, Saeya has managed to excel in other areas, and is known for being quite clever with those prim things which have taken SL by storm. Saeya also created the Photosphere, which is much too technical for Swirly to even begin to explain to her less educated readers, but suffice to say it's a sphere for photos. Now Saeya has branched out into much more important areas of creativity. Yes darlings, Saeya is designing fabulous hats! Shown above is the absolutely divine but ridiculously named Sophistitwisted Cocktail Hat. This is an understated piece which Swirly found is perfect for that first cocktail of the day at 10am. But once you leave the house, how best to wear such an adorable little hat? Swirly recommends a demure yet stylish outfit with subtle accessories that won't overshadow your head piece. The Fierce Dress in Gold from Pixel Dolls teamed with the Trimmed Gloves in Yellow and Tintable Feather Boa from Masks and Feathers, as shown below, are perfect for an understated, yet elegant look.
Saeya has also made another hat called Queen of the Junkyard Crown. Swirly has no aspirations to become the queen of any junkyard, but imagines that many of her readers do, so will post a picture of the hat anyway.
Here's hoping that Saeya will release many more fabulous hats at Kyoot. Preferably in pink, Saeya dear.