Wednesday, May 16, 2007

*Drum Roll Please* Introducing..... ADDI!

Why hello there... I didn't see you come in. I was just finishing up typing my first ever post for SLFV and I'm so excited! What's that? How did I get here? Well.. you see, it's actually a very funny story. A few years ago, I got to be SOO obsessed with the thought that Ron Burgandy and the channel 4 news team were real, I began to "stalk" them, or at least that's how my doctor says it. He said that I'm bi-polar or something like that.. but it still does not make sense to me because I am not a bear and I deffinately only bat for one team. But anywho, I was under evaluation for the last year and a half at the Hasselhoff Home for the Mentaly Ill and apon my review, I was told the only way for me to return to society would be to find a solid job giving something back to the community. Well, I thought ya know, that's not that hard! My first attempt at a job was President. It had so many perks, and you get to live in a white house... who doesn't want to live in a white house??? Well, unfortunately they told me I was over qualified, but they heard McDonald's was hiring. So.. my next stop was McD's. But well, me and greasy fryers go as well as Michael Jackson working in a daycare.. it just don't work. Plus, I don't exactly consider giving people their heartattacks in a bun giving something back to the community. So I thought long and hard and finally, a cartoon light bulb appeared over my head which meant one thing, I had figured it out! I would apply to work for a prestigious online newspaper and give back humor and important info to the masses! *Throws her arms out in a TADA pose* And THAT is how I got here. But let me tell you, it has not been an easy road. Trying to get your feet back on the ground after you have been labeled clinicaly insane is not something that is easily overcome. Plus, you have to get a place to live, new clothes, transporation, the works! So I had an idea that for my first post with you guys, I'd show you what it's like to find all of these wonderful things again! Starting over, dusting yourself off, looking in the mirror while playing the Rocky theme song, and saying I CAN DO IT!

Having an apartment and all of that cool stuffs is just dandy, but without a means of transportation, how is a writer supposed to go scoop out new clothing items and awesometastic shoes?! It JUST can't happen! So I stol... I mean borrowed one of my fellow SLFV writers cars and went on the hunt for the BEST means of transporation a gal who's been locked up in the looney bin can afford! My first stop was in one of my favortist places to visit, Amicitia. They have some of the cutest shops!! I stumbled into Electric Jane's which is formely Happy Junk, and found me a nifty Pogo Stick! Not only does it work as an AO, but you can mod the colors! And only a whooping 75$L! You can't go wrong with that. Don't I look like one of most adorable crazy bats you've ever seen? My tankie is from G.L.A.M. along with my awesome banana yellow shoes. The pants are cut offs from Tres Blah and the necklace is from my FAVORITE jewelry place in game, Miam Miam. My awesometastic tattoo's are from Canimal and Artilleri and my skin is from Lovey's Boutique.

My next stop dropped me into Nakama. VERY interesting place if you have not visited before. There is a little something for everyone and what I found totally made my day! I mean sure.. anyone can drive a car, ride a pogo stick, skateboard.. all the classics, but who can honestly say they use BALLOON travel as their means of getting around?! Well.. in Nakama, they have the CUTEST balloons. Only 10$L a piece, they come in a variety of colors and are animated when you fly! Or if you are REALLY late and need to go far super fast, you can buy the huge bundle of balloon's for 100$L! My colorful tank top is from one of the custest stores, Sand Shack Surf Co., my jeans are from WRONG and they have become my absolute favs! Of course my adorable lime colored shoes are from the one and only Shiny Things and the necklace is from Artilleri. Skin again is from Lovey's Boutique.

Even tho those are two extremely awesome ways of getting around my SL, I have by FAR found the cutest and most creative item to get me from point A to point B! And I'm doubly excited because I PERSONALLY know the maker :) My friend Jill Caldera has released at her Kidz Korner store, a must need. They are called Wheely's. You know, the shoes with the wheel in the heel! They are custom animated and work just like an AO! You take a few steps and woosh.. you are off skating! Not only are they extremely practical and fun, they look amazing! She has released tons of colors and they come in adult and kid sizes. 250$L a pair and they are transferable! In fact, everything I've blogged about today is! WOOT! Ya for transfer! Anywho, my jumpsuit is from G.L.A.M, skin from Lovey's Boutique and of course, my shoes are from Kidz Korner!

With all of these awesometastic choices, I think I will have no problem finding the fashion goods. And if any of your SLFV readers know a great apartment, one room... maybe even with some padded walls, feel free to let me know. :)