Sunday, May 13, 2007

Redgrave Rising

Heya. I'm the new guy, Stephen Bentham. But I want you to call me Stevie B. because it gives me a smug, yet oddly satisfying feeling of quasi-edginess. Or something. Anyways, this post isn't about me, it's about schmexah new shiznat for my heterogametic homies. I know, right? Werd.

In my totallyseriously first evar official Fashion Victim post (ZOMG!), I'm excited to be blogging about arguably the best new place for mens clothing in months: Redgrave Men's and Women's Fashion by Emilia Redgrave. Take it from Stevie B.: start building stuff, start turning tricks (Yes, I am encouraging prostituting yourself for fashion in my first post), do what you have to do, but get yourself some Lindens and head over to Redgrave right freaking now for some of the best freaking threads in all of SL. Are you there yet? Ugh. Get your lame, freebie clothes-wearing ass moving. *Rolls his eyes*. Yeah, I know it's expensive. Turn more tricks.

redgrave leash 2Yours truly in Redgrave Men's and Women's Fashions. Why am I leashed, crawling on the floor as a Neko? Like I said, we're here to talk about the fine clothing here, not about Stevie B.

Redgrave has been open for a couple of weeks now, and has caused quite a stir in the SL Fashion Community. There has been considerable debate over who first discovered the store after it opened. I myself heard about it the day it opened, courtesy of Roslin Petion: Classiest Broad in SL. Full disclaimer: Roslin also happens to be my (adopted) daughter. She's older than me, but hey, it works. Mostly. Sometimes she humps my leg. TMI, I know, I know.

Anyways, Ros and I plotted together to unleash Redgrave upon the SL fashion world. I bought the place out. I interviewed Emilia Redgrave. But in a tragic turn of events bearing an eerie similarity to the plot of a horrific Batman/Nightwing slashfic, Ros and I were defeated by the tag-team of Haver Cole and Kit Maitland. Haver, Kit, I hate both of you. I hope you both have nightmares about Stevie B. and Swirly being publicly intimate whilst wearing Blaze giraffe safari outfits. Haver, I am never, ever paying you to snort Shai's cocaine of your funbags again. EVAR. I'm officially declaring Blog War with both of you. Nobody out-scoops Stevie B. Nobody.

Because I wasn't the first to blog Redgrave, it caused some friction between me and my beloved daughter Roslin. No, not more leg humping. Conflict. Strife. Drama-uh.

[21:43] Roslin Petion: You BASTARD. You totally dropped the ball there. You don't get it. It's discovered. It's over. Passe. You ****ed up. Nice job, DAD.

But being the Classiest Broad in SL, she offered me a single chance at redemption:

[21:50] Roslin Petion rubs her chin
[21:50] Roslin Petion: you might be able to make it up to me *Only* if you manage to entertain me with the drama and mayhem that ensues. Dance for me my little monkey. Dance.

I can only hope that by, among other things in this post, inciting a Blog War and encouraging prostitution for fashion, I can win back the affection of my daughter.

Also, I found out that earliest known discovery of Redgrave (and thus predating even Haver) was by my evil twin, the incomparably metrosexual (ask me for the cowboy neko stripper cake pics) DayDreamer Langway.

So here it is, two weeks late but in all of it's glory, Stevie B.'s coverage of Redgrave.

Soldiers of fashion, TO WAR!

suit_009OC (Black Pearl) from Influence, Messy Pink Sweater and Plain White Pants from Redgrave, Styles (Lace White) from FNKY!

Stephanie Misfit: "Stephen Bentham ponders his lost masculinity."

Yes, I'm wearing a pink sweater, white pants, and white shoes. And liking it. Infer from that what you will. At least my balls aren't showing through in this pic, right Furi? 12 out of 10 on the Ghey Scale, she says. Guh-hey? Nah. Scandalously metrosexual on the likes of fashion-clueless Stevie B.? You bet your sweet, Nyoko's Body Oil-covered virtual ass it is. Rawwwwr.

Hmm...I guess there's a bit o' the ol' coin purse in this one. Eyes on the sweater, pervs. Check out the fine detail. Even the close up photo doesn't really do it justice. Redgrave undoubtedly has some of the best photo-sourced clothing in SL. The prices are quite high (300-450L for most separates), but Emilia puts immense detail and care into them, typically spending 6-8 hours in Photoshop for each piece.

suit_020OC (Black Pearl) from Influence, Black Striped Shirt and Grey Striped Pants from Redgrave, Belou Necklace and Flare Oxfords (Glitter Black) from Shiny Things, Plate Cuffs from FNKY!

One of my favorite outfits pulled together from Redgrave separates. I had to get the striped pants in blue and brown as well.

redgrave_021Desire (Mocha) from Influence, Brown Leather Jacket from Redgrave, Basic Black Jeans from Miau Haus, Belou Necklace from Shiny Things, Desert Avenger Boots from Desert Moon Clothiers, Plate Cuffs from FNKY!

Furiae Blackthorne: "GO AWAY HIPPY!"

The leather jackets are absolutely gorgeous. Priced a bit steep at 800L, but worth it in my opinion. Emilia's pricing is deliberately high to keep her clothing somewhat exclusive. She told me, "I don't want to see everyone wearing my clothes. I want them to remain unique".

suitOC (Black Pearl) from Influence, Black Striped Suit (Open shirt) from Redgrave, Styles (Black Leather) from FNKY!

Redgrave's first suit rivals anything from Blaze, the reigning king of men's formal wear. Also priced at 800L, but absolutely worth it.

redgrave_005Deviance (Black Pearl) from Influence, Black Sweater and Scarf from Redgrave, Brat Camo Pants (Steel) from Last Call, Flare Oxfords (Black) from Shiny Things, Plate Cuff Watch from FNKY!

This black sweater is probably my single favorite Redgrave item thusfar. I wore it to an SL Relay for Life team meeting on the day I purchased it, and people were scrambling over themselves to find out where it came from and see what else was available.

The detail on this sweater is amazing. Again, photos don't do it justice, you have to see it to really appreciate it.

grey sweaterUntamed (Black Pearl) from Influence, Grey Sweater (Short Sleeve with Black Belt), Black Pants, Silver Medallion Necklace and Brown Croco-Leather Shoes, all from Redgrave

Emilia recently introduced shoes and necklaces, along with a new batch of excellent men's separates. The grey sweater seen here comes with short sleeves, long sleeves, and two belt options. The shoes, while not quite rivaling the likes of Shiny Things or FNKY, are very nicely textured, and affordable at only 200L. I found myself purchasing several necklaces (100L) as well.

blue sweaterUntamed (Black Pearl) from Influence, Long Sleeve Baby Blue Sweater, Blue Jeans, Silver Coin Necklace and Black Leather Shoes, all from Redgrave

It's...another classy sweater! This one is available in blue, green, and brown. Goes great with the Redgrave blue jeans and black leather shoes.

cardiganTamed (Black Pearl) from Influence, Green Cardigan and Beige Cargo Pants from Redgrave, Styles (Buckle Brown) from FNKY!, Lumox Octavio plushie from Chicanery

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Just Stevie looking scandalously metrosexual again in yet another fine sweater...OMG WHAT IS THAT?

purple jacket 2Desire (Raven Sunset) from Influence, Dark Violet Satin Jacket + White Open Shirt from Redgrave, Hawaiian Boxer Briefs (Hibiscus) from Catharsis, Henkei Tattoo 01 from FORM, TK6 Aviator 2 Sunglasses from D2TK, Nyoko's
Body Oil for Men, Silver Dragon Necklace and Black Sandals, also from

OMG. I look...absolutely fantabulosous in the Dark Violet Satin Jacket.

There you have it, Redgrave Men's and Women's Fashion. Go there. Now. And tell Emilia that Stevie B. sent you. She'll laugh about how many Lindens I spent there. It was worth it. Redgrave is, IMHO, the best new source of high-end men's clothing in a long time.

Fashionistas take note: Redgrave has also released a hotly-anticipated new line of clothing for women. ...But the men's stuff on the main floor is so good you'll be tempted to cross dress. Totallyseriously.

Word to your mother,

-Stevie B.