Friday, May 25, 2007

Taking Fashion to the Next Level

Barely 2 days after the introduction of sculpted prims to the main grid, we are already seeing some solid indications of the revolutionary effect these prims are going to have on fashion in SL. More fluid, natural shapes will add a greater realism to clothes, and designs will now be limited only by the imagination (and skill of the creator) rather than the narrow choice of primitives that were previously available. I was excited to see 2 new releases from LF Fashions and Pixel Dolls which highlight this potential to full effect. First up are the Sculpted Velvety Gloves from Pixel Dolls. Sculpted prims allow the fabric to have a bunched up, loose appearance. The folds are extremely natural looking - no cylinders sitting around your wrists here!

Launa Fauna of LF Fashions has reworked her popular Isabeax Leather Pants to include a new scupted leg prim option, resulting in skinny legged pants which bunch at the ankle. The prims needed no adjustment whatsoever, and Launa plans to add this option to all her pants in the near future.

So this SL update brings us the usual array of problems such as broken friends lists, memory leaks and crashes, but at least we get a new feature worth getting excited about! I can't wait to see more.

Solaria Earrings and Necklace from Earthtones Boutique, B.R.A.T Top from Last Call, Retaliation Heels from Legend, Ghost Hair from Gritty Kitty, Skin Champagne - Fishnet from Last Call.