Saturday, May 5, 2007

LicoLico and Doll Skins!

Hrm. Where to begin. Okay, I have this friend, we will call her Caliah Lyon (heh). When she isn't making her fabulous jewelry for Muse, or driving my poor Stephen to thoughts of suicide, (HAHA) she enjoys nothing more than poking around SL and finding new places to shop. And then gloat. I must admit to being grateful to her just this ONE time, because look at this ladies, pretty dresses. And oh so modestly priced! The young lady who made these pretty things is called Lico Nyanda her shop is ::: Doll shop "LicoLico" :::. She specializes in dolly clothes, and oh yes she has lolitas! And shit the bed if some of it isn't GOTH!

Yeah, so moving right along. She doesn't waste time coming up with flowery names for her clothes, so our first offering is quite simply named Short Dress. The prim work on the skirt and sleeve attachments are quite excellent. They are layered and look very much like the RL thing. My only gripe is that her prims don't shrink, but if you have even a modicum of editing skill, you can make it work, as evidenced below.

This one is called Japanese Pattern Dress. (The names will grow on you). Check out the delicate details on the skirt. The sleeves are pretty nifty, too. This dress took practically no editing to fit on my shrunken self. Oh please, you tall things have it easy. And boobs. I HATE YOU!
This one she calls Kimono Like Dress, but I have to tell you, it REALLY looks like a kimono. I am really loving this one, and it's black and white .
My last offering is called Female Dress. It comes with a witches hat, but no way I was going to put that on. I'm not a witch. Haha!

So there you go. Pretty sweet, huh?

Hair Flexi Poofies from Panache , Shoes Lollies from Shiny Things.

Now, on to the doll skins! Here at Draconic Kiss you will find an entire room dedicated to her dolly line. Skins, wigs and eyes! I chose the Porcelain line, go figure, eh? She has many shades, however porcelain dollies are much MUCH prettier than tan dollies! If you want to be Ken or Barbie, go for it. I won't laugh at you, much. Haha!

The skin below here is called Lashed Lips. As you can see, the skin is fully jointed and I have to tell you, it's really well done. The makeup is nothing to scoff at, either. Look there is blood on my mouth and chin. Silly Gorean, didn't move fast enough!

Here we have Lashed Blood. It's quite lovely, look I am crying dolly tears! I am also wearing her new doll eyes called Perwinkle. I have so say, I really like them. A lot. Heh.

For those of you who don't want to look like a vampiric dolly, well that's fine too. She has this skin called Lash. So now you can be a boring, non feral dolly. Go ahead and stick a key in your back too while you're at it! This is one of her new dolly wigs she calls Curls. Loving the alpha bangs. And the bows are seperate, flexi and can change color with a click!

Go on and check it out at Draconic Kiss .

Hair Big Piggytails from UnVeil , Dress Lenoir Chomp by Nocturnal Threads, Shoes Flare Oxfords, black by Shiny Things, Hair Kaoru by Kin Keiko

Now, nothing is more comforting than a pet, (we feral children love animals, it's humans we kill and eat) and I am especially fond of small dogs, and here I am holding a sweet little maltese puppy from Zoobys. This little feller is amazing indeed. The fur is flexi, he blinks, he barks and you can name him, too! Behold the amazing MisterPoopers! And if that wasn't enough, a holding and petting animation is included inside his precious little self. There are many pets to choose from and the creator is in the process of making even more! Male and Female versions, so choose carefully! You can get your every own MisterPoopers here!

And lastly, some of you wanted it, and here it is. The nothing flexi trench in white! Looks pretty snazzy, I think the chicks will dig this one. Go pick up yours at Beckenbauer Productions & Friends .