Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Sharp-Dressed Soiree - Upcoming Event

OK we all love getting free shit. Especially when that free shit is in the form of vouchers for some of the most popular stores in SL. The Sharp-Dressed Soiree is a fashion challenge event run by the The Hatbox Girls of Simone! Supermodels (which is a whole other contest but never mind).

The details are as follows:

"We challenge your readers to prove their style superiority! The winner of the following challenge will win a L$1500 gift certificate toward a shopping spree at Simone!, Calico Creations, or Silentsparrow. On top of the gift certificate, the winner of the challenge will receive a personalized high-fashion photo shoot shot by a professional SL photographer and a resident spotlight on the Second Life Insider blog. What more could a budding Second Life fashion icon ask for?

Create a sinfully stylish ensemble using the creations from the following boutiques:
- Simone!
- Calico Creations!
- Silent Sparrow

The lady or gentleman who creates the best ensemble using the creations of these three talented designers will receive the prizes listed above.

The first and second runners up will receive a personalized photo shoot as well as a L$500 gift certificate to the featured store of their choice.

DJ Vyviel Vella will be spinning vintage and modern swing all event long. There will be dancing, fashion trivia, and random prizes!

We hope to see you there! You have a L$1500 gift certificate to win and nothing to lose!"

The event will be held at the Calico Creations Main Shop in Calico City on Saturday, June 2nd, 2007 from 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM Second Life Time. I will probably be sleeping (damn Australia!) but if I could enter, my outfit would probably look something like this:

Silent Sparrow Delphinium in Cream, Simone Mink Boa, Calico Creations Ember III in Midnight

Oh yeah, I kinda found it hard to pull something together using the Calico Creations, Simone and Silent Sparrow stuff in my wardrobe because my avatar is a guy most of the time now, but I still think I am rockin' it and would more than likely win.