Monday, May 14, 2007

Contest Prizes Update!

Hello darlings, Swirly here! There's now an extra incentive for you to all get those contest entries in before the 18th, because the prize pool has just been greatly increased. Yes, more goodies for you undeserving people! The nice people at Directory 2L are providing 5000 lindens for the first prize winner. That's cash darlings, for you to spend on whatever you want. Just not hookers or gambling, please, that would be tacky. This brings the value of the first prize to over 20000L, and YOU could win it just for being a talentless slacker and filling in a notecard!

Just in case you were wondering darlings, Directory 2L is a directory site that allows Second Life businesses to list their services for free. Businesses are listed under various categories and visitors are able to search for products and teleport to the business directly from the website. All a bit technical for Swirly, but it sounds just perfect for all those times when the Lindens break the in-world search engine and landmarks become a hotly traded commodity! Isn't the interweb just fabulous??

Anyway enough of all that, just get those contest entries in now before Swirly claims all the prizes for herself!