Friday, May 11, 2007

Win the Ultimate Shopping Spree!

Hello darlings, Swirly here with fabulous news! YOU could win an amazing shopping spree by entering a contest right here on Fashion Victim. Three lucky people will win some amazing prizes simply by guessing who the Fashion Victim bloggers are in the picture below. Swirly will give you a hint: they are Swirly, Stephen Bentham and Dakota Buck. Easy darlings! Now YOU just have to put them in the correct order.

To enter, you need to complete a notecard in world and send it to Stephanie Misfit (let's make HER do some work for a change). Name the notecard "Fashion Victim Contest - Your Name" or your entry won't be accepted darlings. Don't actually write "Your Name" though you silly things, we need to
know who you are! Inside the notecard you need to provide the correct names of each blogger in the photo above, listed from one to three. Now it's easy enough to work out who the REAL Swirly is, but the others you may need to guess. Our consultant mathematician has determined that you have a one in nine chance of guessing correctly, or thereabouts.

All correct entries received will go into a draw to win the fabulous prizes listed below, which have been generously donated by their creators. You didn't think SWIRLY was going to give you anything, now did you?

1st Prize
5000L CASH courtesy of Directory 2L
5000L gift certificate from Nomine
2000L gift certificate from Casa Del Shai
2000L gift certificate from Funk-O-Rama
1000L gift certificate from Muse
1000L gift certificate from Earthtones Boutique
1000L gift certificate from First Impressions
2 outfits from RFrye with a total value of 1500L
Prize pack from Skanks R Us
Nothing Flexi Trenchcoat from Beckenbauer Productions valued at 500L
Prize pack from Homicide Designs
400L gift certificate from Bossa Nova
One outfit of your choice from Savvy?

2nd Prize
2000L gift certificate from Nomine
1000L gift certificate from Funk-O-Rama
Prize pack from Homicide Designs
500L gift certificate from First Impressions
1 outfit from RFyre valued at 700L
250L gift certificate from Beckenbauer Productions
One outfit of your choice from Savvy?

3rd Prize
1000L gift certificate from Nomine
1 outfit from RFyre valued at 700L
500L gift certificate from Funk-O-Rama
250L gift certificate from First Impressions
250L gift certificate from Beckenbauer Productions
One outfit of your choice from Savvy?

Now that's a LOT of prizes for a silly guessing game. Good luck to you all and big smooches to all the fabulous designers who have provided prizes for our unworthy readers!

FAQ (or Foolishly Annoying Questions)

When does the contest close?
The contest will close at 12am on Friday May 18th (Linden time darlings, not REAL time). The winning entries will then be drawn and announced on Fashion Victim when we can be bothered.

How will the winners be determined?
The names of all correct entries will be put into a hat; a real hat darlings, not a virtual one, that just wouldn't work. The first entry drawn from the hat will win first prize, and so on...... work it out, really!

Do I need to have payment info on file to enter the contest?
This was the subject of much debate amongst the Fashion Victim staff, but much to Swirly's dismay, you CAN enter if you have no payment info on file. In fact, anyone can enter as long as they have never worked for Fashion Victim. Swirly was particularly annoyed about THAT rule! There is a limit of one entry per person.

How do I make a notecard?
Please don't enter the competition.

I have another question.
Post it in the comments darling, someone who cares may answer it for you.