Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm Backkkkkkk BITCHS!

That's right you assholes, THE Cinnamon Coffee is back! And I ain't gonna be doing bullshit reviews and getting free stuff. No... during my hiatus, I put myself on a journey of self discovery about the true meaning of life and my purpose. Well, actually I was partyin' in Cancun and getting all the sorority pussy a girl can dream of. :D Hmmmmm I was in heaven, but I had to come back because I discovered my purpose.

And that is... to help dumb fucks like you. Yes, please point to yourself because you are all totally and completely clueless fucks. While I had some naive bi-curious cheerleader giving me a lapdance, she kept asking me questions and I kept answering them. Thats when I knew what I had to do. I slapped her so hard and told her to shut the fuck up before I put a ball gag on her. Then I knew I would become a helper of of the poor minded. I became a doctor!

You have no fuckin idea how easy it is to do that in Mexico. Now I am here to help you. Yes you again, see how dumb you are. I will help you along your own journey in life by you asking me questions that rattle your head like a pinata full of dirt. So please send your questions to

No question is too dumb, because they all are. I will be shellin' out advice about life, love, herpies and whatever else. God, I love tacos!