Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yay for Lemon!

Finally! Aemilia Case from Lemon brings us a realistic larger girl's shape which was not created as some kind of "fat joke". Lemon are known for their high quality shapes but up until now Aemilia has focused on shapes for men, whilst Haver Cole has worked on the women's range. Spin Spin Sugar is Aemilia's first female shape for Lemon but hopefully it won't be her last. This shape has soft curves and an absolutely gorgeous face. This is 100% real woman, no Barbie influences here. Will it sell? I certainly hope so, but I imagine the market would be limited to those brave few who can look past the idealised stereotypical image of female "beauty" that is so prevalent on the grid, and who are comfortable enough to express themselves with an avatar that others may see as less than perfect. Aemilia has been wearing Spin Spin Sugar on and off since she made the shape and says reactions have been mixed, with comments ranging from "God I love that!" to "Lay off the burgers". The latter comment is hardly surprising given that discrimination against people who are overweight is universally accepted and even encouraged. Things are certainly no different in Second Life. A shape such as this will also present challenges in the need to carefully adjust prims to fit, and the fact that a lot of poses just won't look good.
All that aside, if the face on this shape doesn't sell you, I don't know what will. As with all Lemon shapes, a demo is available, and the shape is mod / copy so you can play with those sliders to your heart's content. Just don't set any of them to 100, please...........