Tuesday, March 13, 2007

High Fashion meets Maternity Wear

I must be dreaming! Couture clothing that fits the shape of women knocked up! My goodness, it really is a dream come true. As you recall, not so long ago I had to abort my burden to be able to fit into some Paper Couture outfits. This time around I won't have to abort my burden because I realize the clothes fit perfect! Another store embracing maternity wear. I couldn't be anymore happier, especially since it is Paper Couture. One of my favorite stores in Second life. God bless those Lu Sisters. I might have to bring over some pot roast to their home as a thank you for joining the growing number of designers that are making being knocked up look sooo sexy. They also have mens clothing for the Spring collection which Stephanie will give you a taste of soon! Sorry so short, but who wants to read anyway? I'm more into the picture books myself...well, take care folks, and all you knocked up hookers please go to Paper Couture and spend your hubby's linden. :)