Sunday, July 8, 2007

FABULOUS New Releases from artilleri

Anyone who knows Swirly would be well aware that Antonia Marat is Swirly's all time favourite designer. Antonia's little store artilleri sells the most fabulous old fashioned clothing; true period pieces which are perfect for fans of historical fashion. The latest releases from artilleri are the divine Roaring Gwen dress, which Antonia says was inspired by a person called Gwen Stefani, and the adorable Leo Flats shoes. Like everything at artilleri, these items are historically accurate, so Swirly decided to model them in 19th century Caledon for you. As you can see, she fits right in to her surroundings, thanks to Antonia's keen eye for detail.

The Roaring Gwen dress in pink is perfect for a spot of afternoon trainspotting. The Leo Flats come with red, black and pink ribbons. Can you guess which colour ribbons Swirly is wearing here?
The Roaring Gwen dress comes in six colours, and black is just one of them! Here is Swirly wearing the black dress in a stranger's house.
Swirly loves this dress in green, it goes perfectly with these depressing ruins on a barren moor.
The Leo Flats come in a pack of 3 for only 180L; and the Roaring Gwen dresses are 200L each, or 650L for a fat pack with all six colours. Bargain darlings!