Friday, July 27, 2007

As I've written before, FASHION VICTIM CARES.

And so a little service message:

On saturday July 28, at 2 pm PDT The annual Relay for Life in SL will be held, a 24 hrs event on 32 sims. The SL Relay for Life has already raised almost L$27 million.
(For more information be sure to check out

Nicky Ree and Shai Delacroix have created one day available outfits.

Time schedule:
Second Life's Third Annual Relay For Life 2007
brought to you by the 2007 SLRFL Teams, Designers, and their Supporters

For Information: T1 Radio is broadcasting SLRFL Live
RFL Entertainment Centers have repeaters for those not able to enter a ceremony sim

Sailing For Life, SLRFL Entertainment Centers, and SLRFL Fishing have Independent Schedules. Please check with each area for updates.

2:00 PM Opening Ceremony (Ceremony Center)
Opening Remarks - Jade Lily
Comments from ACS Representative - RC Moss
Guest Speaker
Instructions for Preceeding Lap - Christopher Sterling

3:00 Survivor / Caregiver Lap

4:00 Relay Attire


6:00 Hats and Boots

7:00 Mr. and Ms. Relay For Life 2007 Pageant
(time may change listen to T1 for updates)

8:00 Barefoot

9:00 Luminaria / Ceremony of Hope (Ceremony Center)
- Poppy Zabelin

9:30 Fireworks


11:00 Crazy Hair

12:00 AM Midnight Madness * Fireworks
PAJAMA PARTY (pjs must be pg)


2:00 Something to Represent your Country


4:00 Beach Wear (pg please)


6:00 Bald and Beautiful


8:00 Formal and Tux


10:00 AM Closing Ceremony (formal attire) (Ceremony Center)
Thank Yous from a Survivor - Candy Antonelli
Awards Presentations
'07 SLRFL Top Four Fundraising Teams - Fayandria Foley
'07 SLRFL Survivor Awards - Poppy Zabelin
'07 SLRFL Designer Awards - Christopher Sterlind
Closing Remarks - Fayandria Foley

11:00 AM FIREWORKS (accross all 32 sims)