Friday, July 13, 2007


I have been reminded by my evil overlord Swirly that I have been a lazy, worthless piece of non-blogging shit. This is true, I have been. She even threatened to replace me with that filthy hand puppet, but yours truly is still here as the puppet can't fire an assault rifle. What makes matters even worse, is most of what you will see here I began over a month ago. So here I am editing this so I don't look like an even bigger jackass. Is this even possible? To those who said 'yes', I extend a hardy, heartfelt fuck you!

These nifty outfits here are from Tohru's and while I'm sure about two-thirds of SL has seen em, they are still worth a mention because I shelled out my allowance for 'em. This one is called Kei and it comes in blue and sepia. (Blue and sepia like two outfits in one box)! Makes my guns look good. REALLY good.

Then we have Vector. Sadly enough Vector is just one outfit, but it's pretty swell just the same. Comes with the shirt, jacket, glove and pants. Oh and this prim belt which I BARELY had to shrink. HA!

Go visit Tohru's here Tohru's at Ravenglass Rentals in Grace 1, Grace (24, 219, 129) .
Hair by Kin .:: by Max ::. / Skin Deep / Kin, Eventide South (92, 229, 35)
Boots by Beckenbauer Productions & Friend, Beckenbach (159, 182, 259)
Jewelry by Sweet Skanks, Sunset Commerce 2 (126, 196, 21)
Guns from The Omega Concern, The Omega Concern (183, 55, 36)

I got to meet up with Jen Blackhawk. Jen is an interesting creature. Interesting in that she found my brown music flute delightful! Well, we like her anways, and she makes some very highly detailed accessories. We begin with Voodoo Lunchbox which I am proudly holding here!

In fact, I like it so well its here on my vanity in full display! I am delighted to tell you that in the open position, it features a bottle of poison and a human heart. Let's just say there are good eats at my house. Yuh!
Here I am Gor...uh bird watching with my nifty new binoculars! And once I am finished peeping I can stuff em back into my binocular case and scribble my findings in the book it came with. (ie: I saw a pidgeon and it pooped in the park.)

Jen has a store in Downtown and at Koreshan, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this is her main shop: Yugen, Accessory Arsenal! Creations by Jen Blackhawk, Tofalar (123, 55, 44)

Speaking of Koreshan, there are lot's of nifty new things to look at and buy. Chica made a boardwalk, and the place is worth checking out. GO! This drops you off at Chicanery's, but don't be a lazy ass and look around!

Outfit from DE Designs, DE Designs (88, 122, 38), My furniture is called Goth Gurl and is made by the lovely Abby Callisto. She has her own sim now! Abby Lane, Abby Lane Kids Furniture, Leden (130, 99, 24).

This pic was taken for the sole purpose of showing you the LicoLico doll. It's a pretty nice pic. It's a pretty nice freakin' doll!
But this one is to show off Ribbon Ribbon. It comes with the wee hat, the chest ruffle, and ruffled collar. I look like a sweet dolly in getup. FAT CHANCE! But it's wicked nice, eh? I joined her update group, and she released new things on a steady basis, all quality stuffs, too. ::: Doll shop "LicoLico" :::, Boksik (105, 185, 83)
Hair from Panache Island, Panache (130, 87, 40)

Ok now to some pretty new shits and some brand new shits.
Here we have the Dead Duster! Comes in black, three versions available bloody, dirty and clean. The shoulder bits are fab, like some some surreal wild west shit. Here are all three versions for your viewing pleasure. Comes in mens and ladies versions. Got this already? Too bad! Nero says brown is onitsway!
Homicide Designs has moved not too terribly long ago, and in the shop you can find vendors for some of the other fabulous crap we are wearing. (Go upstairs!) I have an unholy love for these Charnel Fists made by Arken Soothsayer, along with the Shaman Street hat I am wearing. Nero and lilsparklez like Gutter's boots. I gotta pass on the boots because on me they are freaking clownshoes, but nice and dirty all the same. Go get yours here Homicide Designs, Grossglockner (133, 164, 64). Check out the sim too. Very creative people.

Now on to the brand new.
Ok, holy shitballs will you look at this fabulous, pure goth wonder that is called mille-feuille suite? Don't let the name deter you, I mean hell I had to toggle back and forth between this page and my inventory several times to spell this correctly! Here am I posed (well, my AO) with the lovely India Ingersoll.
Check out that nifty scalloped layer for the more modest (heeee!) neckline. This one comes with it all, prim skirt, those billowy arm cuffs, and the outfit looks great with or without the prim attachments. It's lovely addition to her line, dare we call this piss elegant? YES! And it makes me look not so homicidal. Worth every penny! hya also released an entire slew of pajamas. Very colorful pajamas. I suggest the black ones what have bats on 'em. Go visit silentsparrow here ~ silent sparrow, silent sparrow (60, 207, 34). Oh yuh, there is a silentsparrow group too and sometimes you gets freebies. Like ELEPHANT pajamas! Yay!

And finally I leave you with this disturbing piece of imagery. Here is Stephen Bentham at the Second Convention Fashion show from a few weeks ago. He would be the bald, no-shoe wearing hillbilly with the butterfly wings. Haha, what a goober!