Wednesday, July 18, 2007

High Fashion Poses from Torrid Midnight

I was pretty excited when Torrid Midnight dropped her latest High Fashion pose set on me. I'm an animation junkie and the first poses I bought were from TorridWear, and I think I've acquired all of Torrid's poses since then. This new set is comprised of 8 poses, and as the name implies, is perfect for modelling. Torrid says that these poses are a bit more extreme than what she has done in the past, given that they were inspired by fashion shots, however there is no unnatural bending or distortion of the joints, and the overall look is very realistic. All in all, a very stylish and well made set of poses.

A number of the poses come with 2 options, head locked or freely moving, which makes them great for use in AOs as well as for photography. The poses are no transfer, which I think is a necessity for animations - I like to use my poses in photo stands and AOs as well as keeping them handy in my inventory, so the ability to copy a pose is a real selling point for me. The poses are available as singles for 100L each, or in an 8 pack for 700L.

Clothes from the Haver and Roslin Outfits by Savvy?, Black Mary Janes by Tete a Pied, Dangly Pearl Earrings by {JUNK}, Melrose Hair by ETD, Jessica Pearl Skin in Pink by Cake