Friday, July 13, 2007

Yellow Fever, Agent Orange.. and RED RUIN!

So Red Ruin pretty much has a giant amount of new stuff since the last time anyone on the planet has reviewed them, I pretty much almost had an ulcer trying to fit it all into one post; so I'll just post some of the favorites.

First we have the "Punkabilly outfit", which includes a leather jacket with a Dropkick Murphys backpatch, that only comes to about mid torso in a shirt and jacket layer. \o/ Yay for the girlies that got some ink! Also comes with bright red leopard print leather pants. Perfect for either rawkin out or visiting your local trailer park. All for 100L!

Next we have the "Pyschobilly skulls outfit" and the "Bettie Page Corset outfit". If you notice they are both backless. That is another thing I love about Aeribella's clothes they are almost always backless, to show off your back tattoos! I know i hate covering mine up :[
Pyschobilly skulls comes with an adorable red skull patterned corset with straps for the back and a pair of normal black jeans. All for 100L
When i first came to Sl there was NO Bettie Page stuff, EXCEPT for Red Ruin whom I bought my very first Bettie Page item from. (they've been around for quite some time!)
Bettie Page corset comes with the corset of course and a black thong, only 75L.

Finally we have accessories!
First we have the Violence Necklaces, a street fight version and a massacre version (as pictured top to bottom) These are adorable and beautiful prim work, working with such little prims. They are 150L each but seriously worth every linden.

The corset piercing was the first i've seen in SL when i first started playing. Of course they have the full back one also so don't fret. But i have an obsession with neck-placed accessories and tattoos, so im showing this one. It comes with a prim bow and is 150L.

The bullet belt DOES NOT CUT INTO YOU! Surprising right? Almost all belts do that, great prim work! 150L

Last but not least we have the eyes.. if you want to look like you have a blind eye..YOU'RE IN LUCK! Coming very soon different colored eyes! I don't know why but I like looking like I'm half blind. Half blind people FTW! Yet to have set a price

punkabilly -100L
pyschobilly skulls -100L
bettie page -75L
necklaces -150L each
throat corset piercing -150L
bullet belt -150L
eyes -price have not been yet

No go buy minions at Red Ruin!