Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hello darlings, Swirly here. As anyone who knows Swirly would be aware, Digit Darkes is Swirly's all time favourite designer. That's why Swirly almost had an embarrassing little accident when she heard that Digit is having a HALF PRICE SALE at X3D for two days only!! That's almost 50 percent off darlings! What Swirly loves about Digit's work is that she uses colours, FABULOUS ones. And that takes talent!

Swirly is poverty stricken after shopping at the X3D sale, and will have to work more zealously on her campaign to find a generous husband with payment info on file. In the mean time, here are some utterly divine things you must buy from X3D. Now darlings!

Piper Shirt, Gold Snakeskin Leather Pants, Striped Gloves with Bows and Sandstorm Snake Heels from X3D. Crescent Chandelier Earings from {JUNK}, Wing Lashes from Cake, Viscaria Lights Hair in Blonde from Calla and Lacie Skin from RaC.

Powder Puff Dress and Shoes from X3D. Pom Curl Light Hair in Blonde from Analog Dog, Wing Lashes from Cake, Body Oil from Nyoko and Lacie Skin from RaC.

Skull Dot Top, Couture Flexi Bubble Skirt, Gloves, Studded Bracelets and Marie Antoinette Collection"Alice" heels all from X3D. Pink Sequin Earrings from {JUNK}, Ultimate Bugeye Glasses from Fashionably Dead, Shazy's Congo Hair in Grey Blonde from Marlys and Lacie Skin from RaC.

Sequined Top, Gold and Black Sequin Striped Pants, Gold Medallion Necklace and "Elphaba" Toe Bow Heels all from X3D. Avian Spectacles Calissa from Queen Couture, Crescent Chandelier Earings from {JUNK}, Dolly Hair in Platinum from Fashionably Dead, and Lacie Skin from RaC.

Wicked Jacket in Blue, Black Leather Studded Heart Pocket Pants and Mistress Heels in Black from X3D. Sally Jessy Raphael Sunglasses and Bubblegum Pearls from Lemonade, Dangly Pearl Earrings from {JUNK}, Ginger Spice Hair from [Aden] at Karamia and Lacie Skin from RaC.