Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meet Stanley!

Ahoy hoy!

This is Stanley Bagley. I met him at the Hysteria sim and took pity on the poor bastard. He explained he had taken a beating after paid sex. He was robbed and stripped of all his clothing. The girls lent him a compact to cover the bruising on his face.

He seemed to appreciate Akasha and Kisten in their various states of undress, so I lent him my camera to take some pictures of the ladies. (He has yet to return it.)

Stanley took a liking to everbody there, so he wowed us all with a bit of Karaoke. He was really quite good! Poor Draven is about to swoon!

He then suprised us all when we discovered his love of pretty things. I have yet to meet a Kajira that could do silks justice like Stanley can! So you you happen across my new friend, be a sport and remove an article of clothing. I can guarantee we will be seeing more of Stanley soon. Haha!

The delightful Toast Bard has put some Halloween skins up for sale. I present to you Head Off. It comes with the skin, eyes, bloody jacket layers and this wonderful attachment that makes your head well, off! She has a great witch and a freezing skin, too! I got mine at (fd) at Cotton Candy. (Thanks Noam for my early rez day present!)

Lastly here I am wearing SPIRIT Heroes Claire Cheerleader Battle Bloodied Uniform. I do not watch the show Heroes, and I have absolutely NO idea who Claire is, however this outfit is torn, and has some blood on it. So it's just fine by me! This would make a fun Halloween costume, pick yours at the SPIRIT main store. My fun Mini Karaoke box came from Tableau but you will need to wait. I think an earthquake hit it!