Monday, January 16, 2017

Swirly Does Bento

Hello darlings! You all know that Swirly believes that mesh heads are but a passing fad. But they are so popular and with the release of the new bento heads that all you girls are going crazy for, Swirly just thought it was time she gave them a proper review to answer the question on everyone's lips - can you wear a bento head and look like Swirly Cyclone? Of course Swirly would not be silly enough to waste her lindens buying silly mesh heads, so she sent her shape to a trusted shopaholic friend to undertake the testing for her. These are the results darlings.

First up is the very popular Simone by LeLutka. This is an extremely sophisticated looking bento head. Swirly does think it's very pretty. That's all well and good but can it stand up to the test of looking like Swirly? The answer is a resounding NO darlings.


Next we have Lara by Akeruka. Swirly had high hopes for Lara because she liked it very much. But no, just no darlings.


Swirly tried EVO'lution's Eve head, which is very pretty, such delicate features. But alas, it brought her only disappointment because it looks nothing like Swirly.


Genesis Labs' Eva is a fabulous head which unfortunately is not Omega compatible. It also looks nothing like Swirly.


And here we have CATWA's Catya, which Swirly is sure you'll agree is the closest match to the real Swirly. It could almost be her sister! Swirly won't be buying it as mesh heads are just a fad but she was impressed with how well it worked with her shape.


That's all from Swirly for now darlings. Smooches!