Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell to 5th and Oxford

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Swirly was simply devastated to learn that Roslin and CJ are closing up shop - again! But it's good news for Swirly, with lots and lots of lovely bargains to be found. In fact, everything is only 50L darlings! Swirly took a trip to the grotty warehouse that is 5th & Oxford and snapped up some frilly knickers from Luxuria and some very pretty skins. Being a kind and generous soul, Swirly has taken some photos to share with you, her devoted readers.

Swirly took these photos using her new pose stand from Chanimations. Poor Swirly found herself without a pose stand after a tragic incident with some griefers, but Dakota Buck was kind enough to point Swirly in the right direction when she told her that the "Fetish Cabaret Wild Thing" is what all the top models are using these days. With seven poses for only 700L, Swirly is sure you'll agree it is fabulous. Thank you Dakota darling!

{Luxuria} Belinda - turquoise

{Luxuria} Cajsa - red

{Luxuria} Elle Playsuit - rose

{Luxuria} Alicia - blush

All knickers from Luxuria by 5th & Oxford
Shoes - Little Miss Maribou Mules from 5th & Oxford
Skins - Brooke Fair - Rebel Rebel from 5th & Oxford
Hair - Cinnamon - Bimbo Blondes from Lamb