Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Curio What?

Hello darlings, Swirly here. Yes, it has been far too long, but Swirly has had much more fabulous things to do than share style tips with her adoring fans. Live with it.

The marvelous Siyu Suen of Illusions fame told Swirly some time ago that she simply must visit Curio Obscura as they have the BIGGEST hats in Second Life. Of course, with Swirly off doing so many important and fabulous things, it took her quite some time to heed Siyu's advice. Swirly had the opportunity to chat ever so briefly with the designer behind Curio Obscura, a delightful young lady by the name of Pandora Wrigglesworth, who has a rather odd obsession with clocks and witches. As Swirly spoke with Pandora only long enough to procure some fabulous gifts, she really can't tell you much more about the dear girl. But that hardly matters, as this post is about Swirly.

Curio Obscura's Sausage Curls Galore hair is a delightfully bouncy, flexi style that magically changes colour when you touch it. Swirly is wearing it with the Mini Hat with Rose in Rose Pink, which clearly is not the biggest hat in Second Life, but is still rather marvelous.

This is the Clockwork Edwardian Dress and Hat in Pink. Believe it or not, the hat is included with the dress darlings! And what a hat it is, Swirly had to zoom right out with the camera thingy to be able to fit it in the photo. The dress is rather fabulous too, with puffy sleeves and a huge bustle that draws attention to Swirly's bottom beautifully. You can stop staring now dears. The dress is also available in Black, Blue, Copper, Red, Silver and White.

Now believe Swirly when she tells you, The Clockwork Brain is THE next big thing in high fashion. Forget Cachet, forget Paper Couture (well, actually don't forget PC darlings), you NEED a brain. Swirly found it quite a relief to not have to think for herself, as this marvelous moving, smoking clockwork brain took over all of the work for her. Swirly is actually naked in the picture above, yes, NAKED as the day she was born. The Clockwork Automaton Lady skin (shown here in pink of course darlings) saves you the bother of choosing clothes in the morning, as you don't actually look naked when you wear it. How clever!

Another fabulously huge hat at Curio Obscura is The Witchonista Hat. Swirly is wearing it in black but like all of the hats from Curio Obscura, it comes in a range of other delightful colours, including pink! Swirly is wearing it with the Frills Shirt in Sky White from Royal Blue, which has the most delightful collar.

There are many more treasures to be found at Curio Obscura, far more than Swirly could ever be bothered to show you in a blog post. Do drop by if you like clocks and witches darlings!