Sunday, June 24, 2007

Divine Hats from Illusions

Hello darlings, Swirly here. As you would all be aware, Swirly's style is as subtle and demure as Swirly is herself. Never one to draw attention to herself, she avoids larger accessories and chooses smaller, less dramatic pieces to accentuate her look, always adhering to the old adage "less is more". That's why Swirly was thrilled to visit Illusions and discover the range of hats and masks available from talented designer Siyu Suen. These delicate and understated pieces are quite simply works of art, and were just made for Swirly!

Siyu has released a new version of her Eliza's Ascot Hat. You can see the previous version reviewed on Linden Lifestyles, but Swirly can tell you that this version is better because it's made from sculpties! Swirly isn't quite sure what sculpties are but can tell you this - they're new, so they must be good! This hat features lovely roses, ostrich feathers, bows and a lace veil - just divine darlings!

This is the Captains Hat and yes, it's a pirate hat for all you swashbuckling types out there! The brim and feathers are tintable too!

Swirly's favourite hat is the Sabrina Top Hat, named after that fabulous fashionista Sabrina Doolittle. It features the most adorable dead little bird, and tintable band. It's also available in white. Look out for a Swirly hat from Illusions soon!

Siyu also makes the most fabulous masks and has a bargain section with a selection of masks which all cost less than 50L! Believe it or not, Swirly had never worn a mask before, fearing it would conceal her natural beauty. But at those prices, she couldn't resist, and as you can see, she looks as radiant as ever. Shown below are the Lucky Pheonix Mask, The Enigmatic Mask of Sake Rahja and the Grand Peacock Mask.
You can see more of Siyu's work on her blog, and do make sure to visit Illusions to pick up a lovely hat or mask for yourself!