Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jewelry Expo Picks

Jewelry Expo is here at last. So much gorgeous jewelry, and so little...... cash. My picks are therefore very much limited by my budget. I was drooling over everything in the Lassitude and Ennui stand but alas, had to leave empty handed. Somehow I think I will be going back though.

Fortunately, there are lots of great freebies - Alienbear, Cailyn's, Caroline's Jewelry and Amaretto are just a few of the stands I can think of offhand that are worth a visit for the freebies alone.

Congratulations to Miriel and everyone who has worked so hard to make this a successful event. Compared to other events of a similar scale, the lag was minimal.

All of the releases at Paper Couture's stall are exclusive to the Expo. This is the stunning Antique Pearl Choker set, and there a quite a few impressive rings too.

From boing fromage, the Lady Cameo set. Affordably priced, the set comes with gold and silver cameos and in two styles.

From Illusions, the "Gothica" Earrings and Necklace in Tarnished / Cherry Amber. Siyu Suen is a freaking genius, and I defy you to walk away from her stall empty handed (well the freebie on offer there will prevent that anyway!).

Also from Illusions, the Sacred Heart Set in Sterling (worn with the matching Goth Cowboy Hat which I LOVE)

Everyone is raving about the Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch and Chain from Muse, and rightly so. This is quite possibly Caliah's best work yet.

From Miam Miam, the Charm Medallion Necklace. It's adorable AND big, gotta love that. Click it to cycle through four different metal options.